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If there was one thing I could say I love about style & fashion it's how it makes me feel. You know that feeling, like how you radiate the moment you find that perfect dress you've been searching for, you try it on and it instantly elevates your mood, and ignites a confidence in yourself you forgot you had in you.

Inspiring others to feel empowered this way is why I chose to start Style Bun. A blog dedicated to creative ways to look and feel your best! How Creative? You can subscribe to find out. Whether it’s a new beauty tip or a stellar outfit find, I want to share affordable and simple ways to help you look and feel beautiful everyday.

The old saying “beauty comes from within” is actually one of the truest statements you’ll ever hear. Because when you put a bit of time and care into loving yourself and the image you project to the world, you inspire those around you to do the same. And that’s really what Style Bun is all about!

The ultimate goal is to love yourself and feel confident in your skin.
— Brittany, Creator of Style Bun