Five Homemade Beauty Products (All-Natural)

- DIY Beauty Supplies -

Hello beauties!

I thought I would share with you some Natural Beauty Products you can make at home. I use them daily so they are really simple to make, 100% natural, vegan friendly and good for you. There are no preservatives, no chemicals, and they all are inexpensive. About a year ago I decided to stop buying drug-store products and researched into more natural skincare remedies, I was amazed by the results and how silky soft and smooth my skin would feel after using them. To this day I always get compliments on my skin and ask what I do to keep it looking good. The secret are these tips! They are super simple to whip together and I think you’ll love them. So let’s get started!

All-Natural Lip Gloss

When I discovered all the synthetic chemicals that go into making lip-gloss I knew I had to find a better solution. This simple trick will give you the same glossy shine as clear lip gloss. The best things is it's actually good for you! As you might already know, Vitamin E is great for nourishing the skin, including our lips. Its especially good for healing and concealing surface cracks and abrasions which is why it's also recommended for stretch marks, but that means it works great for dry chapped lips! It also looks and feels great on your lips as it is not a runny oil it is quite thick in texture just like lip gloss so it sticks to your lips and stays. Best of all it's made up of 100% Vitamin E with nothing else added, not even preservatives. Good for you and looks great too, a win-win beauty product. You can find it at your local drugstore so that you'll never have to buy lip-gloss again. :)

(Vitamin E Serum - $6)


The Dry Brush Effect

I'm sure we've all seen this brush before but most likely never use it much. However, dry brushing your skin before you bathe or take a shower is a great way to remove dead skin cells and prepare your body for a good clean wash. Our skin is our largest organ and we shed skin cells daily, part of it’s job is to help eliminate and release toxins from the body, so by dry brushing your body before you shower you remove those dead skin cells allowing yourself to clean and exfoliated fresh renewed skin in the shower. Rotate your dry brush [it's called a 'loofah'] in circular motion while brushing over your skin, don't be rough - gentle rotations is all you need. Make sure your brush and your skin is completely dry or it won't have the same effect. Dry brushing helps the process by clearing your pores and exfoliating the skin's outer layer.  

(Dry Brush - $2)


The Best Exfoliant Ever!   

(Coconut Oil $8 - Brown Sugar $2)    

Hands Down, this one is my absolute favourite! I can honestly say it is the BEST Exfoliant I have ever used on my skin. I use to have these tiny red bumps on my upper arms that felt coarse and rough. For the longest time I didn't know how to get rid of them and I was a little insecure about how bad they looked at times. After one week of using this natural remedy they were completely gone, vanished! I could not believe it, years of having this problem, using every exfoliator on the market, and nothing would get rid of the problem until I discovered this. I use this exfoliant everyday now and the issue has never reappeared on my skin :) It will leave your skin silky smooth and soft - baby soft I might add. The results will amaze you.

You HAVE to try it, you’ll never go back to using anything else. It’s that amazing!     


   Face & Body Cream  

(Avocado Oil $6+ Shea Butter $10)

Organic Shea Butter & Avocado Oil will work just beautifully for a nice rich creamy moisturizer. I add some pure organic Retinal Serum as it is has proven anti-aging benefits. Sometimes I’ll add a few drops of lavender oil when I’m stressed as its such a relaxing fragrance that soothes and relaxes me, vanilla oil has a great scent too.


Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover

 (Coconut Oil $8 + Filtered Water )

Want an effective eye-makeup remover that is gentle on sensitive skin? Coconut oil has wonderful variety of uses whether you cook with it, eat it, or use it for your skin, nails, and hair. Everyone needs a jar of this stuff, I use it every single day. Your eyes are very precious, do you really want to be putting harsh synthetic chemicals around that area? I think not. This solution for removing eye-makeup works AMAZING. It is gentle and won't leave you with redness if you have sensitive skin because its 100% natural. I put 50% coconut oil and 50% filtered water in a small spray bottle and use it every time I remove my eye makeup before bed. I highly recommend filtered water as it removes the harsh chemicals like fluoride and chlorine that is normally found in tap water. Hence, if you haven't invested in a water filter by now you should definitely do so! 

Instead of trying to try all these new tips at once, try one per week into your daily beauty routine. If you take the time to turn each action into a habit it will be easier to stick to your daily routine on a regular basis. 


Stay beautiful, 



Miracle-Gel Nail Polish Reviewless

- DIY Shellac Manicure -

I have always had an issue with nail polish (or my nails I should say). It never lasts on me longer then one day. Within a day or maybe two I will get a chip, then another, and another. Finding long-lasting nail polish has always been an issue for me, so when I heard about Sally Hansen's Miracle-Gel Shellac Polish I was super excited to try it. A Shellac manicure without the UV lamp?  - Sweet!

After purchasing the color and top coat for $12 each at Shoppers (it's less expensive at Walmart, find it here) I decided I should give it a review and let you know what I think of it. After wearing it for 4 days now I am pretty impressed by the results, my manicure polish still looks in tact, so I can confidently say that this will be my go-to nail polish from now on. I suggest washing your nails to get off any oil or residue on them and using a good buffer on your nails before applying as this will allow the polish to last even longer. Although I discovered a small chip at the end of the day (no it doesn't last as long as shellac), nail polish that lasts on my nails for more then 3 days without chipping really is a miracle! Sally Hansen claims the polish lasts up to 2 weeks, so if your nail beds aren’t oily like mine, then I am sure it will last you longer :)

                                           4 Days Strong :) 

                                           4 Days Strong :) 

More tips on using Miracle-Gel Nail Polish:

♥ Buff Nails with a buffing block before applying - it lasts longer this way.

♥ Apply color coat (1st/dry/ 2nd coat/dry).  

♥ After color dries apply the Miracle Gel Top Coat (shiny and clear). If you want longer lasting polish I would suggest reapplying a Top Coat on your nails every few days.

♥ Remove with normal nail polish remover or acetone. It’s not hard to get off, regular polish remover works just as good!


Stay beautiful,