Get Rid Of Dry-Damaged Hair Forever



Happy Wednesday! 

Today I would like to share with you a few simple and easy hair treatments to bring more strength, shine and healthiness back into your hair. Even though I don't dye my hair anymore, I still suffer from really dry and brittle hair. This happens when we wash, heat, or chemically treat our hair too often. So that's what inspired me to create a video showing you a few simple hair care methods I use to mend and soothe my fine and frizzy hair.

Treatment 1

Good for Soothing Dry-Brittle Hair

Good for Soothing Dry-Brittle Hair


Treatment 2

Good For Promoting Strong Hair & Hair Growth

Good For Promoting Strong Hair & Hair Growth

Lastly, Split Ends! I use booth Argan Oil and 100% Natural Shea Butter to soothe and heal and annoying split ends - I have a lot of them! Booth are so nourishing and also moisturizes, conceals and heals your ends. 


I hope these Hair Tips help you out. Let me know how they work for you :) 

See you Friday for another Friday Freebie!


Stay Beautiful xo

3 Easy Ways To Get Glowing Skin (Even in Winter)


Happy Beauty Tip Wednesday! 

Here are 3 simple products you can make at home to get a glowing, vibrant, and sun-kissed tan when your lacking sunshine. You can easily make all 3 of them at home and most use all-natural ingredients!

- My "Tanning" Oil  [my favorite for a golden glow]  - 1:07 min
- Bronzing Spray  [my favorite for a more deep and shimmery tan]  - 4:00 min
- Lemon Facial   [ my favorite for a healthy skin compexion]   - 6:34 min

Hope you try one of them!

Have a Beautiful Wednesday!