Miracle 3 Ingredient Face Mask

20 Minutes away to glowing skin


As every girl knows, once we become aware of our skincare problems, they slowly start to take over our lives. As we leave our beloved teens and early twenties we realize - sometimes painfully, that having a consistent and effective skincare regimen is crucial. I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on products that claim to do one thing and end up doing absolutely nothing but dry my skin out. I paid more attention to what was popular and familiar then to what was in those lengthy ingredient lists. This 3 ingredient face mask is truly a miracle as it brightens your skin, reduces the appearance of scars, tightens and moisturises at the same time and is 100% natural.

You Will Need:

  • Egg whites (from one egg)

  • 1 tsp Fresh lemon juice (use less if your skin is very sensitive)

  •  1 - 2 tsp Raw, natural honey (depending on how dry your skin is)

Each one of these simple ingredients brings with it several skincare benefits. The egg whites help improve elasticity in your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Egg whites are also a great way to shrink those hard to handle pores that we all know too well.

Lemon juice has tons of antibacterial properties that aid in skincare problems associated with acne and ageing. I used to get random breakouts all the time from lack of sleep, stress or let's face it - late nights drinking. I also had a terrible habit of picking at these random breakouts which has now left me with scars. Not only does adding lemon juice to my face mask help with any oiliness I may have or treating blackheads - it has significantly brightened my skin and lightened and my scarring.

Last but not least, Raw Honey will draw more moisture into your skin and help retain it more so than say - coconut oil. Yes I said it. Just like lemon juice, raw honey contains many antibacterial properties that help to heal skin and maintain a healthy glow.

These measurements are just a simple guideline but tweak this recipe anyway you'd like to fit your unique skin care needs. Regimens need to be tailored to specific needs because everyone's skin is different and what works for your best friend may not work at all for you. Trust me though, this one is a keeper. Thanks for the read and let me know what you guys think after you've given it a try :)



How To Be More Confident


 - 7 Ways To Look & Feel More Confident - 

It’s a known fact that confidence is key to pulling off any style, and in many ways it is also an art. When you walk into a room, everything about you, from what you wear to the way you speak to the way you stand says something about you. Here are a few proven ways to gain more confidence in your daily life so you can take the world by storm - in a good way ofcourse!

Stand Tall

Your stance says so much about you; your presence, your confidence, how you carry yourself. One thing I've found help me is meditation. Meditation helps me remember to keep my back straight for a consistent period of time. I participated in a meditation retreat not too long ago where I had to sit and meditate for 7 days! I quickly became aware of how I usually slouch when I sit and it really disciplined me to change my poster (theres no slouching allowed in meditation - you need a straight and alined spine). The habit of a straightening my spine stuck with me even after my retreat, I continue to feel more aware of my posture now then I ever did before and completely believe that your mood changes when your posture does, have you ever noticed when you slouch for a long period of time you feel tired or lazy, and when you sit up tall and straight you feel more energized, focused, and ready to take on the day? You’re posture is a symbol of your confidence, and I must admit I am not always perfect at this myself, but with a bit of mental awareness we can remind ourselves to keep our head up, stand tall and of course, smile :)


Think Positive

I cannot stress this enough, positive affirmations have helped me so much at times when I felt not so confident or in doubt. There are many online sources to help with this, I love Jason Stephenson's Youtube channel as it is full of positive affirmation reenforcement videos you can practice at home like “I am Beautiful” affirmations and “I am Confident” affirmations.  Affirmations are basically positive statements that you repeat to yourself daily. I suggest 15 minutes in the morning and at night. When you first start to say these affirmations out loud you might not believe they are true about yourself and that is okay, in time that will change. Try sitting in a meditation pose with your eyes closed and mentally repeating the affirmations to yourself. You can try practicing them in front of the mirror as well, it may feel corny at first but try not to judge yourself, remember judgments it’s just your ego talking! The spirit inside of you is full of self-love, self-joy and self-assurance. 


Dress your Best

Much like how indulging in your morning routine impacts your confidence, so, too, do the clothes we put on. Put on your best blazer. Wear your favourite pair of shoes. Find role models to get you inspired, or anyone who you look up to as a model of confidence and success. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES! - remove those stains and wrinkles. 


SMILE!!! :) 

Want to make a strong first impression? SMILE!  Smiling—can actually influence our physical state, lowering heart rate and making us feel more self-assured.   Not to mention is actually makes you happier and enhances your present mood. Here are some helpful tips to get you smiling: 

  •  Recall good things that make you happy, whether it is good memories or things you are grateful for. You'll find yourself smiling before you know it. 

  • Pump-up and dance to your favourite music! Music, and I do mean fun and uplifting music, makes us feel energized and behave more energetically! Put on your favourite POP music - even if it's SPICE GIRLS, Backstreet Boys, or The Pussycat Dolls “Don’t cha?" ;) 


Get Inspired

Learn from others, such as self-motivated coaches like Tony Robbins. These people are so inspirational and there is just good energy vibrating through them. That energy is contagious, so listen, learn, and live through their teachings. 


Indulge in your Style & Beauty

Have you ever noticed that when you take your time getting ready in the morning (to shower, do your nails, do your makeup, or style your hair) you simply feel better and a bit more confident? Knowing you are well put together down to the last detail and indulging in the creation of a 'better version' of yourself instantly impacts how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. That’s why our mission statement is look good - feel good.  :)



Visualization is powerful, visualize the person you want to be, and everyday work towards becoming that person, try to already visualize the person you want to become this very day, even if your not there yet, believe that you are already that person. What a person can conceive and believe they can achieve. Remember that! 

I hope these tips help you feel more happy and confident. Remember, confidence starts from the inside out. Try implementing one of these techniques everyday, keep practicing them daily, and watch your world change before you.


Mornings Don't Have To Be So Hard

- 4 ways to feel good & get your day started right - 

I am the worst morning person. Always have been. I used to press my snooze button over and over until the very last possible minute I could wake up without being late. Those last few minutes were used to run around the house frantically getting ready, not eating anything and rushing out the door before even having a moment to collect myself. I’m talking all the time I did this! And I’ve got to be honest, it sucks. At 26, with a "big girl" job I had to ditch my hospitality schedule of late nights and even later days and train myself to be a morning person. So I started reading more about things I could do to make waking up in the mornings easier. This also didn’t inspire me. What worked for me was I had to try one new thing everyday for like a week and slowly get in the habit of doing them everyday. These are probably the most simple steps you can take to jump start your mornings and give a little time back to yourself to take care of your body and your mind.

1. Regulate your sleep schedule

Probably the most redundant advice. I am all for this method - but I have been a night hawk my entire adolescence so it was hard to get myself to sleep at a decent hour. This is why I began to try and sleep half an hour earlier every night for a few days so I could wake up 10 or 15 minutes earlier in the morning and not be a complete mess.

Personal Favorites - Try buying oral lavender drops and place one underneath your tongue before bed to help you relax and rest easier. 

2. Hydrate your body right away

Hydrate yourself the moment you wake up with a big glass warm water. This simple trick will help boost your metabolism by flushing out your digestive system before you have had a chance to put anything in your body. Adding lemon to it has a bunch of scientifically proven health benefits like cleansing your liver, regulating your blood pressure, improving the look of your skin, aiding in oral health, preventing cancer and can even help you lose weight

Personal Favorite - I love to add cucumber as well as lemon to my water. It's extra hydrating and a nice snack after i'm done my glass. 

3. Stretch out that bod

Your body will thank you for the morning stretch. Something as simple as 5 or 10 minutes of physical activity whether it be stretching, yoga or an intense workout - you’re body needs it. Like I said before, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start at your own pace and create your own routine unique to what you enjoy. New research has also suggested that you can burn up to 20% of calories by exercising in the mornings before you eat breakfast.

Personal Favorites - Because my legs have always bothered me I love laying on my back and doing leg stretches and exercises against a wall. It makes me feel much more agile and energized at work. It also helps with anxiety which is nice. 

4. Eat Consciously

After getting your much needed rest, drinking your big glass of alkaline lemon water and stretching your beautiful body it’s time to nourish yourself properly. Why waste all of that hard work? Learn to train your body to stop craving sugar by applying small changes to your diet and sticking to them. Forget stopping at Tim Horton's on your morning commute and give yourself some extra time to make an awesome breakfast like my own favorite below and you’ll notice a big change I promise.

Personal Favorites - I have developed a love for oatmeal. I never ate it growing up but you can have so much fun with it! I add fresh berries, coconut sugar and some flax seeds. Cook up some eggs any style you like on the side and kick start your day. 

Mornings are the best time to give something back to yourself. Your mind is at its clearest and your body at its most impressionable. Take advantage of it because you will be rewarded for it. My biggest advice is starting with small changes so you don’t get overwhelmed because that was always my biggest problem. I always wanted to do too much too fast and I'd give up after a few days. Remember, it only takes 21 days to build a habit! Plus, everything I just talked about can be done with as little as an extra half an hour in the morning.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my article and I hope you enjoy making that time for yourself to give back to you. 'Cause baby, you deserve it. 




5 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself

- DIY Beauty Supplies -

Hello beauties!

I thought I would share with you some Natural Beauty Products you can make at home. They are really simple to make, 100% natural, vegan and organic. There are no preservatives, no chemicals, and it’s very inexpensive. About a year ago I decided to stop buying drug-store products and researched into more natural skincare remedies, I was amazed by the results and how silky soft and smooth my skin would feel after using them. These formulas are super simple to whip together and I think you’ll love them. So let’s get started!

Natural Lip Gloss

When I discovered all the synthetic chemicals that go into making lip-gloss I knew I had to find a better solution. This simple trick will give you the same glossy shine as clear lip gloss. The best things is it's actually good for you! As you might already know, Vitamin E is great for nourishing the skin, including our lips. It works great for dry chapped lips and wrinkles. It also looks and feels great on your lips as it is not a runny oil it is quiet thick in texture just like lip gloss. Best of all it's made up of 100% Vitamin E with nothing else added, not even preservatives. Good for you and looks great too, a win-win beauty product. You'll never have to buy lip-gloss again. :)

(Vitamin E Serum - $6)


The Dry Brush Effect

I'm sure we've all seen this brush before but most likely never use it much. However, Dry Brushing your skin before you bathe or take a shower is a great way to remove dead skin cells and prepare your body for a good clean wash. Our skin is our largest organ and we shed skin cells daily so by dry brushing your body before you shower you remove those dead skin cells allowing yourself to clean and exfoliated fresh renewed skin in the shower. Rotate your dry bush in circular motion while brushing over your skin, don't be rough - gentle rotations is all you need. Make sure your brush and your skin is completely dry or it won't have the same effect. 

(Dry Brush - $2)


The Best Exfoliant Ever!   

(Coconut Oil $8 - Brown Sugar $2)    

Hands Down, this one is my absolute favourite! I can honestly say it is the BEST Exfoliant I have ever used on my skin. I use to have these tiny red bumps on my upper arms that felt coarse and rough. I was a little insecure about how bad they looked I must add. After one week of using this natural remedy they were completely gone, vanished! I could not believe it, years of having this problem, using every exfoliator on the market, and nothing would get rid of the problem until I discovered this. I use this exfoliant everyday now and the issue has never reappeared on my skin :) It will leave your skin silky smooth and soft - baby soft I might add. The results will amaze you.

You HAVE to try it, you’ll never go back to using anything else. It’s that amazing!     


   Face & Body Cream  

(Avocado Oil $6+ Shea Butter $10)

Organic Shea Butter & Avocado Oil will work just beautifully for a nice rich creamy moisturizer. I add some pure organic Retinal Serum as it is has proven anti-aging benefits. Sometimes I’ll add a few drops of lavender oil when I’m stressed as its such a relaxing fragrance that soothes and relaxes me, vanilla oil has a great scent too.


Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover

 (Coconut Oil $8 + Filtered Water )

Want an effective eye-makeup remover that is gentle on sensitive skin? Coconut oil has wonderful variety of uses whether you cook with it, eat it, or use it for your skin, nails, and hair. Everyone needs a jar of this stuff, I use it every single day. Your eyes are very precious, do you really want to be putting harsh synthetic chemicals around that area? I think not. This solution for removing eye-makeup works AMAZING. It is gentle and won't leave you with redness if you have sensitive skin because its 100% natural. I put 50% coconut oil and 50% filtered water in a small spray bottle and use it every time I remove my eye makeup before bed. I highly recommend filtered water as it removes the harsh chemicals like fluoride and chlorine that is normally found in tap water. Hence, if you haven't invested in a water filter by now you should definitely do so!   





How to Look Naturally Better in Pictures

- 3 Poses and Tips to Nail a Great Photo - 

These days there seems to be endless articles about how to look better in photos; But after reading a few I found a pattern in their advice - to persuade you to buy more makeup and rely on heavy contouring tricks. Don’t get me wrong, of course makeup will help you look better - but I want to help you look naturally better in photos by using the assets you already have. I’m going to give you a few tips to accentuate what you’re already working with and own the best you in those pictures :)

1. Stand Like You Mean It

Posture is the single most defining factor in taking a great photo. It can be the difference between an unflattering and elongated figure. It doesn’t matter what your shape actually is, whether you’ve been to the gym in the past week or what you’re hiding underneath your clothing - If you’re aware of your posture you can control how you look in the picture. Here are some awesome examples of easy tricks you can use to help you look your best.

  • Hide your tummy - Angle your body so one hip is away from the camera and the other is facing it. Twist your torso towards the camera, place your hand on your hip and pose. Instantly Slimming!

  • Long legs - Stand with one leg crossed in front of the other to help lengthen them. It will help make your legs appear longer, your hips tighter and your tummy flatter.
  • Avoid a double chin - It sounds and will feel ridiculous but the best way to lengthen your neck is to point your chin forwards and basically stick your forehead out. This will create the illusion of a thinner face and an elongated neck.

2) Lighting is Everything

To achieve beautiful lighting for every picture ensure that you are FACING the light source and not standing directly underneath it. A lot of people make this mistake and it ends up leaving unflattering shadows on their face, wrinkles appear worse and dark circles under the eye are emphasized. Take pictures in sun soaked rooms, in front of big windows, near street lights and lamps but always ensure you are facing the direction of the light. And to nail the perfect selfie, look up at the camera!  

3) Know What Works and What Doesn't

It wasn't until I was in my mid twenties that I really started to understand that there are some styles I just can’t pull off and are not the most complimenting to my shape. Distinguishing whether something looks flattering on you or not with no bias is A VERY IMPORTANT THING! This doesn't just apply to how something fits - It's how you feel when wearing it.  Because that feeling translates. Clothing - Fashion, more specifically is meant to make you feel a certain way. The key is to love what you choose to put on your body because it will reflect onto others and back onto you. If you wear anything with confidence, you're wearing it well. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read my article! I hope next time you’re taking a picture you have way more fun and try out a few of these tricks :)


Miracle-Gel Nail Polish Review

- DIY Shellac Manicure -

I have always had an issue with nail polish (or my nails I should say). It never lasts on me longer then one day! Within a day or two I will get a chip, then another, and another. So painting my nails has become quite a nuisance. Finding long-lasting nail polish has always been an issue for me so when I heard about Sally Hansen's new Miracle-Gel Shellac Nail Polish I was super excited to try it. Like really, Shellac manicure without the UV lamp?  - Sweet!

After purchasing the color and top coat for $12 each at Shoppers (it's cheaper at Walmart, you can find it here) I decided I should review it to let you know what I think of this so called 'revolutionary' new nail polish. After wearing it for about 4 days I am pretty surprised by the results, my manicure polish still looks amazing, and I can confidently say that this will be my favourite nail polish from now on. I suggest washing your nails to get off any oil or residue on them and using a good buffer on your nails before applying as this will allow the polish to last even longer. Although I discovered a small chip at the end of the day, nail polish that lasts on my oily nail beds for almost a week without chipping really is a miracle! They claim it lasts up to 14 days, so if your nail beds aren’t oily like mine, then I am sure it will last you even longer :)


Read below if you would like more tips on using Miracle-Gel:

  •  Buff Nails with a buffing block before applying - it lasts longer this way.

  • Apply color coat (1st/dry/ 2nd coat/dry).

  • After color dries apply the Miracle Gel Top Coat (shiny and clear). If you want longer lasting polish I would suggest reapplying a Top Coat on your nails every few days.

  • Remove with normal nail polish remover or acetone. It’s not hard to get off, regular polish remover works just as good!

Stay beautiful,

Bohemian Chic on a Budget

- Five ways to add more flare to your outfit -

Bohemian attracts me personally because of its whimsical and carefree essence. It's for every woman of every shape and size, letting you embrace your inner spirit through flowing textures and edgy accessories. And if you're like me, you love your accessories! I'm going to show you 5 tips to add more bohemian items to your wardrobe for as low as 15 dollars from Forever21! You can find links to all the items discussed throughout on the pictures to make your shopping easier :)

Tip #1: It’s all About the Flow

Flowing maxi skirts, flowing harem pants and flowing peasant tops are totally key. You can find funky patterned skirts at Forever21 for less than 20 bucks and sexy, neutral maxi’s like I’m wearing here for less than 15$!

Tip #2: Be Romantic

When shopping for tops think, romantic peasant sleeves, light silky cami’s and don’t be afraid to add a bit of lace. The beauty of these items is they are ultra feminine and will make you feel that way when you wear them. Pick up an enchanting lace peasant top for 20 bucks below.

Tip #3: Keep it Easy and Breezy

Keep it even more simple and ditch the two piece ensemble for a breezy summer dress. Wake up, throw it on and pair with your favorite hat, sandals or combat boots. Find a beautiful crochet dresses like the one below for less than 40$ and wear it literally everywhere!

Tip #4: Don’t be Afraid to Over Accessorize

This style is nothing without accessories! Headpieces, Shoes, Chunky Jewelry, Vests, Bags and anything else your heart desires. Bohemian is all about layering pieces together and mix and matching. You have the freedom to play around so don’t be afraid to experiment. The most important part is that you feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. You can find all these fabulous jewels for less than 10 bucks.

Bonus Tip - Paint your jewelry with clear nail polish to prevent them from tarnishing and turning your fingers green.

Tip #5 - Make a Statement

This is my favorite part - HATS! They always make a killer statement piece and are essential for completing your bohemian outfit. Neutral, earth tones and dark colors are the most complimenting. I love them on my lazy days when I don’t want to style my hair and I love them on my fabulous days when I want to be distinctive.


And there you have it ladies! An updated wardrobe with easy to match bohemian items all for as low as 15 dollars. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article! I hope it helped you feel more confident about trying something new this spring because you deserve to feel fabulous :)

Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself! Bohemian is all about endearment.


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